Our Projects


Our business structure provides the necessary support mechanism to assist our people in executing projects in a timely manner. We encourage our superintendents to focus on the clients requirements and task at hand by providing a support team that dispatches labor and equipment, purchasing, a leading edge health safety & environmental management system, and a comprehensive QA/QC program.

Our team has over 200 years of combined experience and a network of contacts that enable us to succeed at every level.


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Pipeline Projects
Taqa North Fox Creek 33,000m – 8”/2” Gathering system
Penn West Petroleum Swan Hills 2km – 6”, high temp
ConocoPhillips Sheep Creek 10,000m - 4” Sales Pipeline
Taqa North Glacier Multiple well tie ins 8”, 6”, 4”
ConocoPhillips Narraway 5 well tie ins & Compressor install
Contact Exploration Kakwa 10,000m – 8” Sales pipeline
Penn West Petroleum Alder Flats 13,000m – multi-line Pipeline
Nuvista Energy Wapiti 3800m – 6” & 3” Pipeline
Talisman Energy Cabin Creek 6200m - 6” Loop Line
Trilogy Energy Glacier 6,000m – 6” & 4”
Talisman Energy Horse 5400m – 4” Pipeline
Paramount Resources Karr & Valhalla Pipeline & Compressor installs
ConocoPhillips Ghost 5500m – 6” loop line
Omers Energy Redrock, Wapiti, & Elmworth Winter programs, 25 wells, 30,000m pipelines
ConocoPhillips Elmworth & Wapiti 15 well - Winter pipeline & facility construction program
ConocoPhillips Saddle Hills 7000m Fiberspar Sour Oil Gathering System
Paramount Resources Kakwa 5000m Flexpipe Dual well tie-in
Midnight Oil Exploration Elmworth 12 well - winter pipeline & facility construction program
Birchcliff Energy South Pouce Coupe 16,000m – 8”/6”/4”/3” & Compressor
Tourmaline Oil Kakwa 9,000m - 8” & 4” Gathering system
Talisman Energy Solomon 3500m - 6” Pipeline Compressor Upgrade at Suncor
Galleon Energy Debolt 9300m – 6” sales line, 5700m – 4” w/ liner, Multiple well tie ins
Penn West Energy Swan Hills 6” & 4” fiberglass pipelines
ConocoPhillips Stetson 3800m – dual 6” Sour pipeline
ConocoPhillips Sheep Creek 5000m - 6” Sour Pipeline
Facility Projects
Secure Energy Swan Hills Swan Hills Full Service Terminal
Trilogy Energy Kaybob North Kaybob - Sour Gas Plant 50MMcf/d Expansion
Penn West Virginia Hills Water Flood Expansion, 8” & 6” Sched 160, Internally coated
Contact Exploration Kakwa 16 -7 Central Compression and Condensate Stabilization Facility
ConocoPhillips Saddle Hills Sour oil battery
Secure Energy Edson Tank Farm Expansion
Birchcliff Energy South Pouce Coupe Compressor Installation
ConocoPhillips Wayandie Compressor Installation
Paramount Resources Karr & Valhalla Multiple Compressor Installations
Omers Energy Rimbey Compressor Installation
Trilogy Energy Kaybob Dual compressor Installation
Taqa North Fox Creek Compressor Installation
Talisman Energy Solomon Compressor Upgrade at Suncor Site
Provident Energy Dixonville Oil Battery upgrade
Arcan Resources Chinchaga Free water knockout installation
Penn West Swan Hills South Multiple wellsite modifications & upgrades
ConocoPhillips Torrens Sour Gas Plant Installation
Taqa North Valhalla Multi well battery